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When out-of-the-box software just isn't cutting it.

We help you make the most of your software and fill in the gaps for seamless operations.

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Who We Help

We work with all types of firms, including those who are just starting-up and those who have been in business for decades. Regardless of the size and scale of your practice, there's always room for technical improvement. Better tech means a better experience for the clients, the advisors, and stakeholders who are monitoring the business.

What We Deliver

We are implementation focused and hands-on. Whether you approach us with a list of specific ideas or a general request to make technical improvements, the approach is the same — we stick with you until the changes are in place and have moved the needle in a positive direction. We provide various services and welcome any ideas you might have for leveraging tech in your business.

Meet Your Developer

Hi, I’m Audrey Davis, a software developer who likes solving technical problems for financial advisors.Before founding AdvisorCake, I developed software for Amazon and Expedia. My experience spans the full stack, from back-end data migrations and API design to front-end web development. Data management and business analytics have always been central to my projects.As much as I enjoy coding and technical tasks, I care more about the big picture — the overall health of your advisory practice. We can leverage the tech you already have and fill in the gaps to create a strong technical foundation for your firm.

Audrey Davis, developer and founder

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